Meghna Shorobor, Beltoli Bazar
Matlab North, Chandpur

Hear our story from the Story teller himself

Badarpur Primary School

It all started with an urge to visit my father's grave in my village home. I was not only born in my ancestral home, I also studied upto grade 3 in our ancestral Free Primary School which was taken over by the government long before I was born. My parents were also buried in my village home. Emotional attachment to my home is, therefore, natural for me.

Coming to the point, while visiting the ancestral home, I found that the students in our Primary School are given lessons under a large mango tree (a normal scene in rural Bangladesh). I was nevertheless curious and asked the teachers why they are taking classes in open air? What transpired was a shock to me. While, in my time, there were about 20/25 students in one class; at present, there are 90/100 students in one class and the classes are simply inadequate in size. Emotion took over me. I was myself a student of this school, my father was both a student and a qualified teacher (Pundit) of the school. And here I am; doing nothing for the school when I have the capability.

On the spot, I promised the kids that starting next year, they will be moved to a properly built new school campus.

Thus I built the school in a new campus which should also be sufficient for upto 12th class if necessary and presently, the students are probably enjoying the best school facility in Bangladesh. A couple of years later, an initiative was taken up by my first cousins to arrange a family get-together in our village home where none of us live anymore. The program was chalked out to run over 2 days and there were about 120 of us. Simply, there was not enough accommodation in our ancestral home. The new school, being a big structure having many rooms unutilized, was used for our stay in the surplus rooms of the compound in a chilly night of end December. I spent a sleepless night along with my closest cousin Sharif and decided in my mind to build a compound to accommodate our entire clan comfortably. Thus I build this compound (Now known as Meghna Shorobor) in 9 months to ensure that the next family get-together could be held here. Since then, we have this family re-union every year without any problem of accommodation, neither is there any shortage of comfort.

Probably this venture has also encouraged our clan to form ROSF-a family charity to help the poor of our village.

Two lines from the Managing Director of Meghna Shorobor

My father had built such a beautiful vacation home that I was speechless and thought why not share this beautiful hide away with everybody who needs a vacation home thus I came up with Meghna Shorobnor.

                                           Meghna Shorobor is YOUR Vacation Home. We built it so you don't have to...