Meghna Shorobor, Beltoli Bazar
Matlab North, Chandpur

Meghna Shorobor Resort and Golf Course Ltd.

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Amidst the serenity of vast paddy fields that change colours with the advent of every season, stands Meghna Shorobor Resort and Golf Club, a dream that every soul trapped in the urban jungle hopes came true someday. Rightly named after Meghna - the river this resort overlooks (you can actually see the tip of the resort tower from the river), this place lets you breathe in the fresh air that just came sweeping across the waves, binding in the aroma of soil that the farmers plough. Feel the pulse of a river dependent lifestyle that revolves around agriculture, fishing, and trade; a unique ecosystem of nature, people, faith and festivals. The resort is situated in a village named Badarpur of Chandpur district, well connected with the capital both by road and waterways, making it ideal for weekend getaways, picnics, corporate outings or just vacationing! Surrounded by high walls and safeguarded by a dedicated team of trained security stuff, the resort spreads over an area of 8 acres. The location and layout of the resort gives you ample of personal space and privacy, without making you feel alienated, because the local habitat is just a twenty minute walk away! To make things even better, you can enjoy all these without trading off any of the urban goodness you cherish and hate to leave behind! Starting from basics like 24x7 electricity, Hot/Cold Running water, A/C in summer, Heater in winter, Fresh Linen, Towels & Quilts ensured by Room Service, Cable TV, Refrigerator, Telephone etc to more exciting facilities like Mini Golf Course, Table Tennis and other indoor games and a variety of outdoor activities like fishing, paddling, swimming etc. - this resort is all set to spoil you to bits! Let us help you plan a trip to Meghna Shorobor Resort & Golf Club. Just let us know what you are looking for. We will sort it all out for you to give you an experience worth coming back again and again for.

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