Meghna Shorobor, Beltoli Bazar
Matlab North, Chandpur

Our Restaurant & Cafe

Bhuri-Bhoj Restaurant

They say healthy fresh air makes you hungry more often. And when you have a plethora of activities for you to choose from, no wonder you will be crazing for some good food every now and then. Keeping that in mind, we offer a variety of cuisine for your gastronomic delight!

a) Deshi /Bangla: Enjoy rice grown in a field nearby with locally procured fresh produces. We have carefully selected all the local delights that would appeal to a wide range of palate.
b) Indian: Kebabs, Vegetarian dishes, Biriyani, and Tandoor cooked food; mostly North Indian foods are on the menu.

c) Chinese/ Thai: South Asian Palate influenced Chinese and Thai dishes, such as Chili Beef, Fried Rice, Sweet & Sour Prawn, Corn Soup, Thai Soup etc are on the menu. But if you want something more authentic of a sort, please let us know in advance. We can arrange that for you too!

d) BBQ night: Every Friday night is BBQ night at the resort. But if ordered in advance, we can arrange BBQ for you at other times as well.

e) Room Service: Just dial room service and get whatever you like on the menu delivered to your room. Room service will be available from 8am to 11pm everyday.

f) Home baked bread and biscuits: Our bakery produces freshly baked bread, cookies and cupcakes.

Location: Main Villa Wing
Working Hours: Daily 8am - 10:30pm


Cafe on the top of the tower "ADDA" serves piping hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate with some homemade cookies, muffins or cold sandwich, or maybe just a glass of fresh hand squeezed juice. And all these will be served while you enjoy the magnificent view of the Lake, Mighty Meghna and the lush green paddy fields all around the premises.

Location: Tower Wing
Working Hours: Daily 4pm - 9pm